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October 2014Rumors continued to swirl about their relationship.When asked Chloë what was up, she kept the answer on the platonic side."What I find really interesting about Brooklyn – and what I really love about that kid – is that he is passionate about what he wants, which is to be a professional soccer player," she said.July 20, 2016After Chloë gets in a fight with the Kardashian family during the Kimye/Taylor scandal, Brooklyn posts an Instagram wearing... July 21, 2016The next day Brooklyn posted this selfie to show everything was a-okay with the couple.

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It's high stress, high intensity, high profile, and toxic for your soul.

But everyone sells out at some point, even though you feel a little icky about it afterwards.

October 2015After a year went by without any sightings of the maybe couple, everyone pretty much assumed things were over between the two, especially after Brooklyn was seen cuddling with French model, Sonia Ben Ammar at a concert and she was featured in one of his Instagram posts.

calling Brooklyn a "sweetie" and a "cutie." And when asked about how her brothers felt about the relationship, Chloë explained, "I'm the older woman, I'm in control!

Who knows what will happen next for Chloë and Brooklyn.

Dating relationship timeline

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