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Reservations are always made under the first name of both parties, and I’m only expected to share my contact information if I want to see the guy again.

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And don’t get me started on meeting a potential husband in a bar.

Bars in Chicago are populated by three types: (i) snotty, preppy North Shore guys that I would rather pick a fight with than attempt to flirt; (ii) guys from the Western suburbs who all work at the Board of Trade and are not interested in committed relationships; and (iii) college kids.

Hilariously, even though we’re all supposed to be “professionals,” Lizzie instructed me to allow the guy to pay if they insist.

Finally, notwithstanding the name, she let me in on the little secret: Most people choose to have their dates over after-work drinks.

After dates, I would have to give “brutally honest feedback” to my rep, who would use the information to further refine subsequent matches.

Dating services lunchdates

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