Dating the bad girl wattpad

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Sans und Papyrus waren schon immer ein unzertrennliches Team. Oder wie sich ihre krankhafte Brüderlichkeit unerwartet zur Großen Liebe entwickelte.

Es war erstaunlich wie plötzlich Sans' kleiner Babybruder zum gefürchteten Boss wurde.

All myths are said to have a basis of truth to them, and Frisk learns the hard way that the myths and stories are closer to fact than she would like.

Sans is one of Frisks few allies as she just tries to return to her quiet life in the ruins with her mom as another force keeps pushing her towards a destiny she doesn't want.

Irgendwie war alles so einfach und kompliziert zur selben Zeit. Frisk remembers so many of the old myths about the mountain that loomed over the town she lived in.

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