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It's totally hidden under the lace covering which is why it took me some time to find it. I get a lot of people asking for gowns that perhaps aren't in perfect condition as it keeps the price affordable...THE SIZE: Measures: up to 35" bust, 30" waist (bodice), 31" waist skirt, 40" long from waist to hem in front, 46" long in back. NOTE: I had to bunch up the back skirt on the mannequin as it was too big for her!! and perhaps those people have the "magic" (sewing skills) that I don't have...I have trouble sewing on a button. The front embroidered ivory attached "blouse" has some silk shredding curs, there is a a small hole at the back of one upper sleeve and a tiny area of threadbare at upper back. 'm ALWAYS on the hunt for Victorian sidesaddle habits! just two areas of small holes (one lost in folds, the other at the hemline - see photos) and a bit of lining tearing inside skirt hemline. Even the satin INTERIOR of the bodice is gorgeous!!Those can SO easily be covered or replaced with ribbon.

this is one of the bodices I would certainly have selected. It's not totally perfect as there are minor underarm stains (see photos), but you don't see those unless you look. And a slight discoloration at the upper right bodice and might need a few hooks/eyes. It was SO fabulous that I had the local Boston ABC-TV station and Boston Globe newspaper Sunday section to photograph my room! Often these Edwardian white dresses were worn by various family members and often they were lengthened or shortened with horizontal pleating as you want to keep the pretty lace hemlines intact. Look at the closeup photos to see if you can tell me! I have some undersleeves I will be putting up for sale soon.

Again, I used to buy lovely bodices like this and hung them on a padded hanger and then used a simple push pin and hung them all over my walls in my bedroom!!! So the dress used to be longer, and likely had a bit of a train. She would have likely worn a lace collar with it and undersleeves.

Look at all the closeup photos to see all the pretty details... likely where she wore a locket brooch or something. it's a fairly openweave crepe-like of cotton or linen (wears great!!

And just a slight bit of dust/dirt at the front waist... For this dress, the only place to shorten is at the waist, so that's what was done. It's probably got mohair in it as it's a bit "prickly". on first look (and as seen on display) it looks nearly perfect except for the one visible stain/hole on the upper bodice... I'm not that great at knowing names to fabrics, but look closely at this fabric..

Less serious (and much easier to fix) is that the soutache needs re-stitching here and there. Measures: up to 42" bust, up to 40" waist (39" waist on the skirt), 39" long skirt from waist to hem. LOVE the detailed ornament at the mid bust and the asymmetrical bustline. If I did, I wouldn't have any time to sell, as each piece can take a week or so to soak to make perfect. If you look at the pieces under normal interior light, you don't really even see the discolorations. Note: The pink sash doesn't come with the outfit, but it's just for show. You might want to add a vintage collar as well to give this piece a bit more interest. At first glance you will think this is a lovely silk brocade fabric. Shown on a normal size 4/6 mannequin, 24" long from back neck to back hem, so it will fit a current human size (not just the tiny Victorian women! Missing beads, browning of the thread, wear to the silk faille... OR just use the beads to fix another one of these you have! I have never heard of the House of Mmes Kerteux Soeurs, Paris, and I'm sure most of you haven't heard of them either, but they were high fashion dressmakers back to at least 1870s, and had a reputation equal to many other Parisian n a fiction book, Velvet Shadows by Andre Norton, there is a paragraph that reads: "They were all intent upon a collection of fashion prints displayed by a very smartly dressed woman. " Victorine was like a child confronting a collection of new toys. Obviously much of it is still in place, but none of it is good. for those of you who like a project, and love the thought of a PARISIAN Edwardian gown.... You really just need to replace the pale trim and skirt lining to make this wearable. Measures: 32/33" bust, up to 24/25" waist, 52" long from shoulder to hem (shortish - but if you are replacing the trim anyway, you can make longer). This is a SO SWEET full apron that would have been pinned on to a simple black or gray dress. There is a black tassel at the back as well per all classic burnooses.

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