Dating wingman statistics

by  |  13-Sep-2015 20:42

(Career -- Consultancy is one of the best ways to make a living right now.In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the consulting industry is expected to grow by 83 percent from 2008 through 2018.

Was there a certain event in your life that prompted you to start your business? Having my girlfriend cheat on me motivated me to really focus on myself and being a better person for me -- not for anyone else.

I started a blog as a way of holding myself accountable for the things I wanted to accomplish.

At the end of one e-mail from a guy I helped handle his divorce and move forward, he wrote, "You should get paid for this.

This is professional grade advice here." That made me think, but nothing really popped into my head until one night out with friends.

A friend saw a really attractive woman and asked me to be his wingman so he could talk to her. Q: How long have you been The Professional Wingman?

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