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by  |  22-May-2015 05:03

Godin sees this as an opportunity: What if a real estate broker hired a really personable ex-cheerleader/glee club member for an hour to do nothing but sweat the details and be charming the entire time the closing was going on?

Someone to run and get donuts and do xeroxing and get papers organized in advance...

Foster is a long time fan of both comic books and science fiction.

Here's an interesting post on Seth Godin's blog: The Joy/Cash Curve.

in the scheme of a million dollar purchase, not such a big deal, right? First of all, is what's really important the pleasure taken in the act of buying the thing? And is having a person to make your closing more pleasant really going to make anyone more likely to buy a home, or more likely to pay a higher price for the home?

Maybe if the experience was more pleasant, you'd be inclined to recommend your broker to other buyers?

Fortunately, early on I discovered a pile of romance comics stacked in the waiting area.

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