dating kseniya2016 - Ddclient not updating ip

by  |  05-Jun-2016 14:46

A perl based client to update your dynamic IP address at Dyn (or other dynamic DNS services such as Hammernode, Zoneedit or Easy DNS), thus allowing you and others to use a fixed hostname ( to access your machine.

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Many router/modems support Dynamic DNS reporting/notification/updating directly.

If your router's configuration is accessible from a web browser, try accessing it by logging into the local IP address of your router (for example, or ) and look for the Dynamic DNS (DDNS) settings. Each Dynamic DNS service may work better with a particular utility.

And there you go, within a few minutes ddclient should initiate a dynamic DNS update with No-IP.

If things don’t appear to be working correctly then open up /var/log/syslog (this is where ddclient logs to by default) and you should see any messages/errors that it has logged.

(You may need to add the Ubuntu Universe to your set of software repositories to install some of these utilities.

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