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Jim: The big hubs are okay, but it’s actually fairly repetitive and closed off. Alec: I did almost everything in the whole game for the XP. I don’t think anything in DX really explored the ideas. Conversely, while less ambitious, Human Revolution feels a lot more comfortable in its skin. Alec: I’ve muttered about this already, but yeah, it throws out a load of the peripheral ideas to focus on the one core issue, the moral argument around augmentation. Jim: I mean i guess there’s genre boundary blurring here that is just spinning me around. John: Honestly, I never did anything in the whole game for the XP. Kieron: DX really was a cheery cut and paster of a mass of books. Kieron: It knows what it wants to talk about, and delineates that. Kieron: My lips are still covered in cold-sores from when I kissed Geralt.

That’s the difference between the Emergent Sim and the Guns & Conversation, I guess. Kieron: Put it like this – it’s a game whose sound propogation model works like Thief’s – as in, doors open or shut make a difference, material makes a difference, etc. Kieron: But yeah – if this isn’t in the game of the year, I’ll be enormously surprised. I never got on with Oblivion or Morrowind, but maybe this time? Alec: I felt they could have been a little more generous with the protein bars, however.

Jim: Which is why i am connecting it more with those other games, i suppose. Alec: I’ll struggle to pick between this and Realm of the Mad God for ‘game I was most obsessed with in 2011.’ Not that they’re in any way comparable. ) John: The more I read about it, the more I wonder if it will. And I think it works because you are so vulnerable.

Read on to hear about why a wall is a man’s best augment, and why Kieron is feeling all dirty after kissing Geralt. Jim: DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION Gentlemen, we should discuss this game, which I am going to argue is the third game in the Deus Ex series. Where The Witcher and the Mass Effect games dwarf it is in the constantly throwing in of new, mad locales. John: I think the mistake with hubs was just their underuse. Even when I’d already deactivated security systems from the main computers, I’d go and hack every alarm panel, even though no-one could use them and even though anyone who could have done was unconscious by that point, just for the bonus XP. Kieron: I was interested in what you didn’t get XP for. I’m still not bored of the tap on the shoulder and PUNCH! Jim: (The third-person bits are generally pretty seamless, EXCEPT when there are multiple dudes around. (In my head they are saying “hey, impressive moves! I thought it would be a game which much to desperately prove… It’s got a much clearer and better-written voice for it, and it’s also a lot less dorky for it. Though I still don’t think it explored it anywhere near as much as it could have done. John: Then we should be inundated with the trailers and press releases for the dozens of others that are coming out any day now. Kieron: We’ve forgotten Alpha Protocol, which is kinda like Human Revolution, if it was shit. Because DXHR feels comparable to The Witcher 2 and Mass Effect, but the real genetic identity is more in the Looking Glass games, which is the Guns & Conversation genre swelling up. You’ve made that comparison a lot, but for some reason it’s never associated in my head.

It’s a game about secrets and conspiracies, after all. They’ve done the oddly miraculous thing in making this feel robustly commercial while remaining Deus-Exy. Alec: Well, we’ll find out next week if it sells or not. Jim: Yes, I couldn’t quite believe how much like DXHR is like DX. Alec: Metal Gear Solid is a comparison I’ve heard a couple of times. I’ll see how I feel at the end of it – I’m the one who isn’t all that through. Jim: I think what surprised me was that it’s probably going to be the second best RPG this year. Jim: I really liked how some of the conversations played out, especially with Sarif. Lots of twists and turns, and far more sophisticated than I was expecting. I was really excited by them , particularly Shanghai, because they’re huge and busy, but they actually don’t get enough of a look in against overall game time. It was probably easier to murder everyone, one-by-one like the Predator, but in beige offices instead of the jungle. The most efficient way to play the game is the non-lethal take-down. Jim: re the augmentations, if you are non violent, does that mean you have not used the Typhoon? But really, it didn’t seem to want to talk about philosophy or politics beyond one very focused subject. Kieron: Is this about the “this is a smartly told game, not a smart game”? It’s about politics and ROBO-ARM issues, which I think is pure sci-fi commentary, rather than futurism in any sense. I went in absolutely not expecting to play one of the most entertaining sneaky games ever, but expecting to be taught stuff. Kieron: What I’m saying is that I think it’s a smarter game than you’re giving it credit for, John. John: Well, I agree with what you’re saying, but was there anyone who didn’t already think, “Augmentations would wide the the haves/have nots gap”? Kieron: I think the 21 year old John and the 31 year old John perhaps have different levels of obviousness. So it’s that thing where I get more picky because it’s closer to bestness. Jim: Assuming it sells, is this a big deal in game design terms? If this does numbers, this stuff is back on the table. Jim: I like the metaphor, it implies there’s a table behind the door. John: No, because Thief 3 was three years before that, and Deus Ex four years before that. John: I can’t wait for all the other four-year projects that were started after Bio Shock! It doesn’t mean Bioshock’s influence didn’t help it happen. John: But it certainly hasn’t opened the door for a wave of immersive sims, which was the initial point. not “will all game studios now make immersive sims” John: But that’s Looking Glass people again!

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