Did megan fox dating shia labeouf

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Watch the video below of Shia La Beouf being provoked by a paparazzo, who asks the actor whether he’s the cause of Megan Fox’s divorce, and then tell Gossip Cop what you think.

The franchise's director Michael Bay recently revealed that the 25-year-old actress was replaced in the latest movie at the orders of executive producer Steven Spielberg, after she compared Bay to Hitler in a magazine interview.

"I never understood the separation of work and life in that situation.

But the time I spent with Megan was our own thing, and I think you can see the chemistry onscreen."Whether or not she was involved with her now-husband Brian Austin Green at the time is still unclear. Despite all of the media attention given to La Beouf and his bad-boy behavior, at least one major Fox incident never made it into the papers.

Shia La Beouf snapped at a paparazzo who waited outside of the actor’s Los Angeles home on Friday and asked him if he’s currently dating recently separated Megan Fox.

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