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A person who is extroverted and open to experience will be meeting more people than someone who is not.” But what good is Nanaya for those of us who aren’t looking for love? Amini has them covered, too, using something called stochastic options analysis to determine if two people should stay together. So, what if by stochastic options analysis, a couple learns their relationship is doomed to fail?“Mathematically, it’s important to state we don’t predict relationship success or failure, but whether or not someone will be better off single or in a current relationship,” says Amini.If someone were to ask me 5 years ago — or even 10 months ago — whether or not I’d consider jumping into the online dating game, I imagine I would have laughed and quickly changed the subject.

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Thanks to websites like e Harmony and Match.com, along with younger, more mobile-friendly adaptations, singles can now fish from the widest pool of potential mates our species has ever known.

And if we aren’t capitalizing on this unprecedented opportunity ourselves, we know at least a handful of people who are — with an imaginably infinite variety of motives and equally vast array of outcomes.

In addition, he counted himself among a team of researchers developing optimal mission architecture for redirecting an asteroid. “Getting the probability of finding someone has already been done…but it’s not very interesting nor does it actually express the real odds,” says Amini.

To calculate the odds, he tells me, one must employ complex systems modeling, a technique Amini used while dreaming up those lunar and martian bases for NASA.

As I sat down to write this, I overheard two colleagues in the break room discussing the trials of modern dating. “Online.” Once heavily stigmatized as the course for only the most desperate of singles, online dating has in the last decade become a widely accepted, fairly standard means of finding romance.

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