Discouraged by online dating

by  |  24-Oct-2016 01:21

Not that I'm against that, but I can tell when they are sincere in really getting to know me and when they are in a hurry to take a dip and move on. being a guy on here, you are seen as just another shmuck adding to the PM pile no matter if your intentions are good or bad. But complaining about it doesn't fix it or solve the problem.I have to admit I was feeling pretty discouraged Sunday and full of hate. If you want better results, turn off the comp and go out into the real world.I think investing time in one's profile will pay dividends. In talking with female friends on here, they confirm the large volume of mail(male) they receieve daily.

The mention earlier, of the addictive quality, of the volume of attention women receieve, & their inability to even consider their overwhelming advantage, & control, that flows from that, confirms the point! Also, highlights the disconnect that exisits, in general, between the genders.

Women have the control, but not the history or experience, on how to use it!

Peace wish I had that problem....then again, it could be all talk, too.

I've been on here quite a while - more than 3 years and am very lucky if I get 1 -2 messages per month.

I can only count on one hand the number of my friends that fall into this category. And it's really easy to pick and choose whose hot or not.

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