Double your dating first ebook

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Here's why: Let's say you've been out on a date with a woman, and you're now back at your place, having an enjoyable conversation. WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE If you really stop and think about it, the reason why you run into problems in situations like these is that: 1) You don't understand exactly what turns women on. 3) You don't know what SHE'S thinking, so you hesitate. If you DON'T try to kiss her, maybe it will happen later, or maybe she'll even kiss you... And here's the KICKER: If you're afraid of her rejecting you, SHE KNOWS. Women are approximately TEN TIMES as good at men when it comes to reading and interpreting subtle body language, and THEY KNOW WHAT WE'RE THINKING. Here's an interesting thought: In their book "Sexual Interactions", Albert and Elizabeth Allgeier mention that in one study almost 40% of women reported refusing sexual intercourse when they actually WANTED it. If you don't, then knowing all the fancy techniques in the world won't help you.

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If you try to kiss her, and she pulls away, she might reject you forever. Now, let's talk a little bit about the topics of RESISTANCE and REJECTION.

I honestly believe that most men CAUSE their own problems and resistance when it comes to "getting physical" with a woman.

the details of how to do OTHER, more INTIMATE things. I recommend my online e Book, "Double Your Dating".

It's also VERY useful to understand what to do AFTER you've kissed a woman...

This is a way to INCREASE a woman's sexual arousal and AMPLIFY the ATTRACTION that's already present in the situation.

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