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You should check out her excellent article about five writers who use Scrivener.Table of Contents New in VP5 WEB STUFF Web Export Scriptlets Web Export Events IMPORT & EXPORT Importing stuff Exporting stuff VARIOUS AWESOME STUFF @todos Type Palette Customize VP Collections & Outlines Using Search FAQ CONTACT US VP Bug Reporter [email protected] THE VP5 GUIDE VP5 Guide as a PDFIf your document is open on another machine when it is updated, Voodoo Pad will auto-load the changes for you.After you tap the "Allow" button, you will be returned to Voodoo Pad, and it will start syncing for you.

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From now on you should be able to open Scrivener as usual on that computer and it will simply open the . If you want to set up a second computer, like your laptop, you should navigate to the Dropbox folder on that computer and check it has synced Dropbox / Apps / Scrivener / Your Project.scriv. In theory it shouldn’t be necessary because Dropbox will keep everything synchronised automatically just by saving your project as normal.

(You don’t need to use the manual File Sync menu any more.) But if you make changes on your computer, and then different changes on another device before Dropbox has a chance to sync, you can end up with conflicts that you’ll need to sort out manually.

It also means you can open the Scrivener project files from within Scrivener on more than one computer and trust Dropbox to keep things synchronised.

(There are caveats with this, which I’ll get to later.) If you’re used to the old way of syncing it can be a bit of a gear-change to switch to the new method.

To use Money on your i OS device (i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod Touch), you will need to purchase a copy of Money for i Phone or i Pad, which are available on the i Tunes App Store.

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