Dropbox not updating on pc

by  |  14-Oct-2016 16:26

Great, but what’s the point in using this facility if it doesn’t upgrade the Data file to become available, updated, on my other PC?

Before this new utility was introduced I simply stored my Data file in my Dropbox folder, like any other file, and used it (updated) on my other PC.

dropbox not updating on pc-1

Do not try to open the database directly from Drop Box (if you have moved the database to Drop Box using EPIM).

It is clearly written in the text file in the folder:"This folder is used by Essential PIM software installed on one of your computers. Please do not edit this folder or its content to ensure Essential PIM's fault-free work with Drop Box.

What I seem to be getting is the Data file stored in (C/Users/****/App Data/Roam…) on each machine whether I want it or not.

Also, if I navigate directly to my Data file in the Dropbox folder (.....\Dropbox\Apps\Essential PIM Databases ******I get an error message telling me it's not a valid Database. I can open the Database in my Roaming folder but not the other.

To move your database from Drop Box, please start Essential PIM and use Tools- Drop Box menu."As for the problem: if you have moved your file to Drop Box (using Tools menu).

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