Dylan and cole sprouse dating anyone carbon 14 dating flawed

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Second if u got they're not able to speak Italian just put a REAL link in the page so the users could check it.

Just another note, IMDb has plenty of false information.

It would also help if you knew which one of the twins (Dylan) confessed that.--Jennie Ambrose , 2 January 2006 (UTC) Is it something wrong with my computer where the image isn't showing up, or is the image gone? By the way, you can view all edits made to a page by clicking the history tab up top.

--Jennie Ambrose , 12 January 2006 (UTC) The image was removed by an automated bot because it had no copyright information. Mrtea We used to have a copy of the IMDB info that they speak Italian (which I didn't think was true, because it's not their parents' native language).

If you add a copyright picture it will be deleted immediately.

Dylan and cole sprouse dating anyone

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