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Swatches Panel Colour Management Creating Colours Using the Kuler™ Panel Module 9 - Applying Effects Adjusting Effect Settings Using the Directional Feather & Gradient Feather Tools Using Blend Modes Module 10 - Advanced Find/Change Techniques Find/Change Text Attributes Find/Change GREP Find/Change Glyphs Find/Change Object Attributes Module 11 - Working With Pages Page Setup Section Options & Moving Pages Basing Master Pages on Other Master Pages Using Layers Advanced Guide Features Rotating Spreads Module 12 - Libraries & Snippets Using Libraries Using Snippets Module 13 - Outputting Documents Building a Preflight Transparency Flattener Settings & PDF/X-1a Exploring the In Design Interchange Format & Component Info Working with Print Presets Module 14 - Creating Books Building a Book & Numbering the Pages Synchronising a Book Creating a Table of Contents Defining a Running Header Generating an Index Module 15 - Working With XML Exporting XML Importing XML Module 16 - Integrating With In Copy® The Role of In Copy Importing an In Copy File into In Design Editing Stories in a Single Editor Workow Using Assignments in a Multiple Editor Workow Module 17 - Screen Sharing & Hidden Features Share Your Screen Using Connect Now In Design Easter Eggs & Final Comments Credits Module 1 - Navigating Illustrator Using Adobe Bridge Exploring Built-in Templates & Libraries Locating Existing New Document Profiles & Creating Your Own Advanced Guide Features Using Artboards Setting Up Workspaces & Panels Module 2 - Advanced Path Techniques Drawing Paths with the Pen Tool Using the Reflect Tool Making Joins Outlining a Stroke Using the Transform Again Command Using the Arrange Commands & Clipping Masks Module 3 - Drawing & Redrawing Using Layers & Guides to Redraw a Logo Using Outline Mode to Redraw a Hand-Drawn Image Module 4 - Blends & Meshes Blending Paths with the Specified Steps Option Blending Paths with the Smooth Colour Option Designing Web Buttons with the Blend Tool & Gradients Colourising with Gradients Working with Gradient Meshes Module 5 - Transparency Colourise an Image with the Colour Blend Mode Using the Colour Guide, Transform & Transparency Panels Creating an Opacity Mask with a Radial Gradient Using the Multiply Blend Mode Module 6 - Creating Patterns Defining a Pattern Scaling & Replacing a Pattern Redefining an Existing Illustrator Pattern Making a Pattern from an Illustration Module 7 - Working With Type Adding Point & Area Type Placing Type from Other Documents Using the Glyphs Panel Setting Tabs Creating Paragraph & Character Styles Converting Text to Outlines Putting an Image inside of Text Module 8 - Working With Images Linking vs.

Embedding Images Using a Clipping Mask to Make a Cutout Creating a Clipping Mask between Two Layers Importing an Adobe Photoshop® Path Module 9 - Colour Management The Swatches Panel vs.

Adobe has been the obvious choice in software for design for many years now and it keeps getting better.

For those who know how to properly use the correct tools, Adobe will open up unlimited possibilities Who is this course bundle aimed at?

The Adobe Suite is not just used for Website Design, you can also create stunning illustrations, magazines, 3D prototypes and even websites, short animations and so much more.

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