East asian american women and prejudice interracial dating what isotopes are used in radioactive dating

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Whether this mathematical imbalance is REAL (i.e., based on actual U. Census data) or PERCEIVED (i.e., based on anecdotal evidence of what some guy “sees on the street,”) I don’t know, and more importantly, I don’t care.

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The only REAL solution to the Asian American Interracial Dating Disparity is manifold: The majority of the time, though, the students I’ve taught who once believed that they cared about this “disparity,” actually realized that they only used this as an excuse for not taking responsibility for the fact that they could not generate the same quantity and quality of romantic options as the white guys they were seeing from day to day. Ask yourself, do you really want to live a life of loneliness?

Or have you always thought that you were meant for GREATER things?

It is this type of student who ultimately drops out of the program and resigns himself to a life of loneliness.

He effectively excludes himself from the world’s gene pool.

Many of these guys either hold the above listed grudges against Asian American women in general, or they have their own specific reasons for being angry at Asian American women.

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