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The dating site was also active on Twitter, suggesting its matchmaking service would help Americans avoid the difficulties of gaining Canadian citizenship. Bush's 2000 election and 2004 re-election - other moments when liberal Americans pledged to move to Canada in protest - suggests few followed up on their promises.

While immigration to Canada increased during the years of Bush's elections, the rise was not more than increases in other years, data from the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies show.

Packaging is important and unless the person has a video shot, no sampling available until the first date.

It will be an invitation-only route for immigrants to advertise their skills and qualifications on a Canadian government database that will be mined by employers looking to hire more than just temporary workers. "They'll go into this pool, and then employers or my department and /or provinces will be able to fish out of that pool," Mr. For every David Bowie/Iman duo, there are hundreds of Katy Perry/Russell Brand "incompatible" matches and monumental Britney Spears/Jason Alexander mistakes.

"Looking on a web dating site is like shopping in the grocery store: lots of meat, some veggies and whole lot of processed stuff.

Once newcomers take the bait, are there any measures to ensure the Government of Canada won't be rendered to playing matchmaker-middleman to abusive relationships, thefts, misrepresentations of employment conditions, or scams?

One wonders if Minister Kenney has considered any fail-safe measures to protect potential fledglings, usually arriving with little to no knowledge of the hazards of North American culture, vulnerable to their corporate vultures.

With thousands of Canadians logging on to dating sites to find love — in various forms — every day, it's no wonder that the writing of the dating profile itself is an art.

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