Ed and jaclyn bachelor pad are they dating

by  |  25-May-2015 10:00

Speaking of Emily, am I imagining this or did she have a date in a barn once?

ed and jaclyn bachelor pad are they dating-37

It is time for dinner, and those candles are not the only thing on fire.

Ed doesn't think they are a couple, and Jaclyn doesn't want to look like she is getting used.

Pretty much they are like the twins, without the splitting headache. That would get really confusing if you forgot which letter you were on, or weren't paying attention, like me who while live-tweeting wrote the wrong their.

The judges are Harry Potter lookalikes, and Kalon said, "Are they from Hogwarts?

Justin said to me, "I've always wanted to mack in a barn." I like Sarah and Chris together, he actually looks happy, as much as I prefer him pouty.

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