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The age of the early kings of Israel was determined to have taken place, not in splendor, but in relative poverty, with no evidence of the major building works built by Solomon.

The restructuring of Egyptian chronology according to the New Chronology indicates that the early Victorian archaeologists merely made a series of wrong assumptions and mistakes in their eagerness to document Egypt.

Overlooked by scholars are: According to the conventional chronology Ramesses reigned in the 13th century B. Shoshenq I, as previously said, left an inscription of his conquests in the area of northern Israel in which it was claimed by Champollion that Jerusalem was among them.

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The name “Jerusalem” was a later word made up of “yeru”, meaning “foundation” or “city” (possibly bestowed by the patriarch Abraham as “yireh” for Mt.

Moriah) and “Shalem”, either an early local deity from pagan times or a byname for Melchizidek, hence “city of Shalem” (Hebrew: Yerushaláyim יְרוּשָׁלַיִם).

Ramesses II of the 19th Dynasty was known for his extensive building projects, including the site in the southern Nile delta region called the city of Raamses (Exodus 1:8-11), as well as being called the pharaoh of the Exodus, based on the text of Exodus 1:8-11 which tells of a new pharaoh "who knew not Joseph" forcing the Hebrews to build the store cities of Pithom and Raamses.

In order for this identification to stand, the time frame of the Judges must be reduced by 200 years. C.), yet the above dates indicate a date of 1447-1450 B. The use of "Ramesses" as a place name older than the pharaoh is further attested by Genesis , which states that Joseph and his brethren settled in the region of Ramesses.

There he found written records of the Nile floods during Amenemhat’s reign, where the average height recorded was some eleven to twelve meters above normal flood stage, which meant a good harvest.

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