Elderly versus people with disabilities accomodating

by  |  17-Sep-2016 23:58

We warned that although we were pretty confident we could paint an accurate general picture of what is expected to happen, we could not be correct in every detail.This is not least because even if we are correct as to current thoughts and policy, it does not necessarily mean that these will be present in the final product. The Piccadilly Line Upgrade is not just another upgrade.We omitted the Piccadilly Line from the general look at deep level tube lines because it was worthy of at least one article on its own.

In recent months on London Reconnections we have looked at the future of most of the tube lines, with articles on the Metropolitan Line, the other Sub-Surface Railway (SSR) Lines and the deep tube lines.

Some lines, however, deserve a look in more detail than others – and one of those is the Piccadilly.

Here we look at the facts, and where possible leave the politics and educated guesses of whether the trains will actually have any staff on them to a follow-up article.

Early in 2013 we looked in great detail at the Northern Line.

This is obviously going to be quite a challenge on a tube system famous for its “mind the gap” announcements.

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