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The ENFP will get it right, but also add a touch of humor. The ENFP is a perfectionist, but they're also bored with pathetic efforts at education. They'll make sure we're all taken care of—but then the ENFP will collapse or go mental from not taking care of themselves. The ENFP has great disdain for some people and structures.

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They want to say when things are ridiculous and not hurt your feelings, but man—they want to call you out and laugh about it. The ENFP desires family and would prefer to spend more time with their loved ones than typically their job. This can occasionally cause the ENFP to be too dependent on their spouse, and in turn let their spouse walk all over them and baby them. The ENFP has a wonderful childlike spirit—they can connect with kids and animals magically.

However, if they have to discipline kids it can be confusing because they'll switch too quick from sweet child-rearing best buddy to total fascist dictator. The ENFP is hyperactive intelligent and may not make sense to other temperaments who view intelligence differently.

All personalities have their struggles—even one that I find to be full of rainbows, dinosaurs, flying horses, and sugar mountains.

The ENFP personality is guided by extroversion, intuition, feeling, and perception.

There's a strong need to find someone who can talk through 3,452 topics in one 30 minute conversation. As a powerful loving idea machine sometimes the ENFP can get lost without a visionary who can plan out all the details with them. The ENFP is a lion on the surface and a total guppy in the center.

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