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interface that can be implemented to treat various error conditions that may arise during parsing.

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For the example, I'll just emulate the behavior of the other two callback methods, stopping the parsing and writing an error message to the screen when a fatal error is encountered: With this third error handler coded, you should be able to compile the example source file successfully and run it on the XML document again.

Your output should not be any different than it was earlier, as there are no reportable errors in the XML.

However, there is one nonfatal error that results from a nonvalidated XML document, involving the version of XML that a document reports.

To view this error, make the following change to the first line of the XML table of contents example: java javaxml2.

There are several conditions that can generate a warning; however, all of them are related to the DTD and validity of a document, and I will discuss them in the next chapter.

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