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Sacramento Business Journal - August 22, 2016 Proposition 56 would also raise the tax on electronic cigarettes.

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"This a blatant violation of California election law," said Andy Stroud, an attorney representing the "Yes on 56" campaign.

… Why some business groups are supporting a $2-per-pack tax hike ...

Likewise, numerous municipalities have adopted laws that expand smokefree protections to outdoor public places, including patio dining areas, parks, and beaches, shopping districts, and service lines; and two dozen California municipalities now require all multi-unit housing to be 100% smokefree.

Learn more about smokefree multi-unit housing, and how you help increase the availability of smokefree housing in your area.

It went into effect in January 1995 for public places, most workplaces, and restaurants without bar areas, and then in January 1998 it went into effect for all restaurants and bars.

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