Feng shui dating

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Both play an important role in the cycles of luck and fortune for the resident.

Both the date and time should be in harmony with the owner/occupier’s birth chart and the location of the new residence.

To help the new cycle start in a positive way, feng shui suggests several simple “move-in” rituals to welcome luck into the new home.

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Forget about carefully arranging your interesting books and hiding your granny panties; now, you have to enlist a professional to rearrange your apartment to make sure someone likes you.

If you choose to adjust your furniture based on a potential partner’s predilections, you will have help from Carol Olmstead, the expert behind Feng Shui for Real Life.

If you are going to set up shrines at your new home, you should re-arrange your moving steps and make setting up any shrines the top priority.

Depending on your preferences, burning incense is optional.

As soon as you hear the water boiling, turn on television and the radio.

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