Fitness online dating

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Lately, I've been obsessed with the new Adidas sneakers because I swear they make me feel like I've traded my feet in for wings, and I love squeezing in pushups during lulls in Game of Thrones."3.Nix the selfies: Pictures are obviously one of the most crucial parts of your online dating profile, so proceed with caution.

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Work your screen name: If this is your first foray into online dating or if you're trying it again after some time away, create a screen name that reflects your interests.

"Screen names should be fun, flirty, and memorable," says Julie Spira, online dating pro and founder of Cyber Dating Expert.

Keep it to around five pictures to hit that sweet spot of intriguing but not overwhelming.4.

The Royal We: You have to make it clear that you would bring this dude into your active world instead of leaving him in the dust, says Fisher.

"Send your potential date an email that's 3-5 sentences long," Spira recommends.

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