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"New York City looks like shit because of Global Warming, probably,” Freja said. Gemma Ward hates and if you make a joke about Gemma eating candy, I swear I will Nick Fury the other Jenner sister onto that Prada runway so fast.” "Chill, I would never,“ Arizona affirmed. If we go to Australia, it’s so backwards I bet Gemma Ward doesn’t even rule the country.” “Stop, now you’re just picking on Australia,” Arizona said, “I’m sure that Gemma Ward has been named the Queen of Australia. The biggest question is how do we steal Gemma Ward if we are too smart to willingly go to Australia? A year into the new decade, Freja had decided she needed something more permanent. This house that the stupid fucking makeup people chose was the house that Frej Abbey also chose.

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“You’re making me feel like one more lonely girl,” Freja said, pouting. I bet it would tell us what to do in this situation,” Arizona said, desperate for answers and Halle Berry. The Netherlands is literally like in my top 5 places I wouldn’t time travel to,” Freja said to Arizona, annoyed with her past time-traveling self’s sucky travel itinerary, then she added, “Were you born in the Netherlands? “Neither do we, we will never let Bruce Willis destroy our family ever again,” Arizona declared, then the happy family triple hugged and they looked really fashionable doing it, not dorky like you and your friends look when you all triple hug.***Authors note: ALL OF THIS SHIT WAS MADE UP (Except the part about time travel).

“It’s one less lonely girl.” Arizona lifted a hand up to Freja’s face and touched her incredible cheekbones. The party parted and Arizona and Freja walked up to their daughter. ” Josefien Rodermans-Beha-Erichsen-Muse nodded her head yes. All characters are not intended to represent anyone, living or dead, in the past or the future.***If you liked this post, please consider buying my novel for $4 here.

Models: Freja Beha Erichsen |IMG|, Arizona Muse |Next| Photographer: Terry Richardson Website: serene new portrait series by Terry Richardson featuring top models Freja Beha Erichsen and the latest it girl of the modeling scene Arizona Muse.

She didn’t want to go back to work so early in the year.

I think Miley is just appropriating global warming for the edge.” "Very Katy Perry,“ Arizona said with hints of approval, then she returned to the topic, "So as I was remembering, Nick Fury brought you back to the runway. ” "Okay, so I really wanna Nick Fury Avenger-style recruit someone, but I don’t know who,” Arizona said, asking for help with her plan. Freja waited patiently as Arizona mused over the possibilities. “I don’t know much witchcraft, I’m not from Denmark so they don’t teach it in our public schools,” Arizona said, feeling inferior. Light as a Gemma cute as a Ward.” Freja and Arizona repeated that shit a few times, then waited, but nothing happened because witchcraft only works if you’re wearing the right shade of lipstick and Freja was wearing a Rouge Hydrabase Chanel red, which performed very poorly in witchcraft tests, while Arizona was wearing Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipstick which is only marginally good for witchcraft. “First, you could use a phone booth, you know, like Bill & Ted or those British virgins on tumblr." "No! "Okay, yeah lets just send Choupettes driver,“ Arizona decided. I mean, that’s shitty characterization, even by Agents of S. I was admittedly being a little pushy and well…” “She threw her cell phone at your eye, didn’t she,” Arizona said. "There are no honest mistakes when it comes to Naomi Campbell,“ Nick Fury said gravely. "You can’t forgive someone for removing my eyesight! That day was stuck in Freja’s mind like a song whose every lyric reminded Freja of the mistake she made.

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