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But, I have a very important question: If Fuller House Season 2 happens, will D.

J.'s high school boyfriend Steve Hale returning to woo the eldest Tanner sister. Even if the corniness level was off the charts when Steve and D. relived Ghost's infamous pottery scene while making hamburgers, Steve hanging out in the Tanner-Fuller-Gibbler house just feels right. (Though the show gave fans a Danny Tanner episode, where D. did ask her dad how he knew when it was OK to start dating again.) However, being new to dating again was what led D. to not choose either guy in the final episode of Season 1, considering that Matt was the first person that she agreed to date since her husband Tommy died, she clearly has strong feelings for the sexy vet. Honestly, Steve deserved a better plot than just being divorced and still pining after D.

The premiere of the first episode of the comedy serial took place at the end of February this year. The announcement came right away in a few days after the premiere of the first season.

Thus, another season is reckoned to be something inescapable.

The series titled “Fuller House” comes to be another successful addendum to the list of projects aired on such a giant network as Netflix. The principal heroine is depicted by Candace Cameron Bure.

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