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From the beginning, big money has attempted to maintain a stranglehold on gay networking; keeping it at a pay or dating site level and ignoring the advances of mainstream social sites.Users have been willing to accept this because of these megasites' large populations. Enter Cock The Vote two years ago with a mission to break this hold.A quick rundown of popular features: Fully customizable profiles! They can also link their status updates to Twitter. Naturally, friends can also comment on other friends photos. Users can create groups and style the pages for them, invite friends, and mass message group members.

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Try a straight version : You are on, a gay video chat.

The point of this website is to let you talk with a random stranger. you will then be able to talk to a random gay person and see him or her thanks to our webcam system.

Now, with membership levels growing rapidly, Ct V has launched a more work friendly and more school safe version of the same site: Woo

Both sites share the same content and members but Ct V has adult advertisements whereas Woo Him is sponsored by more non-adult advertisers.

It’s a lot easier to try gay sex over a cam to cam chat session than in real life.

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