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His maternal grandfather had changed his surname from "Pajari" (a Finnish surname) to "Paige".Current host of long-running TV chat programme The Late Late Show and a weekday morning radio show called The Ryan Tubridy Show, Tubridy was a pioneering member of the Twitterati before he departed in August 2011.

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To this day, the tin Thunderbirds rockets are highly-prized collectors’ items.

While his professional career was largely successful, his personal life was dogged with problems.

Sergeant Pilot Lionel Anderson went on to fly two tours with 515 Squadron over occupied Europe.

One day in 1944 his family received the letter everyone dreaded — they were told the pilot was missing in action over Holland. Thunderbirds was children’s TV with the Hollywood touch — chisel-jawed Americans, seemingly exotic locations (even though it was all filmed in Slough), action-packed rescues and a stirring orchestral soundtrack.

They featured images from Supercar, Stingray, Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds However, it was the series of Thunderbirds that ensured he became a legend of children’s TV.

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