Graham norton dating scott mills

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It's entitled "Dub's Misadventures" and if you've been following the books, I'm sure you will not be disappointed by Dub's continued adventures with his animal friends, including his wolf-dog and his horse. Read more of this blog post » I was out of town for reasons which are both particularly unpleasant and unrelated to this blog.

I did sit down and write during the stretches of downtime in the hotel room.

Read more of this blog post » There are a few chances left to win a free Kindle e-book version of Purging Purgatory: A Ghost Story. It has 11 out of 12 stellar (4/5) star ratings here on Goodreads. Read more of this blog post » Hello, I was informed that there was a problem with the Amazon Kindle version of Interlude: First Noel on release day, 12/19/16.

The following is a tidbit from one of the bonus scenes you'll receive if you register your preorder of Long Way Home!

Words twenty-six-year-old Dante Thorne has had to live with for more years than he can count and a title he finally earned at the tender age of sixteen when one careless decision led to tragedy. Isaiah The smoke alarm goes off, and I curse under my breath.

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