Great expetations dating

by  |  12-Sep-2015 01:22

I wanted a successful career because I thought I would feel fulfilled.

I wanted a relationship because I thought it would relieve my loneliness.

Instead of focusing on what to do, where to go, and how I was going to accomplish everything I thought I wanted in life, I focused on releasing the expectations I had about it all. This opens you up to experiencing things that are beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s okay to have goals, but make sure to leave room for something even greater to come along. I learned that when I let go and trust I will receive everything I need, I always do.

I’ve learned that the loving voice within, also known as our inner guide, has a bigger plan for us than we have for ourselves. As it turns out, right now you are exactly where you need to be. The only thing you need to do in order to follow the path of your inner guidance is listen to it by releasing your judgments about what you think is happening.

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