Great outdoors dating

by  |  28-Jun-2016 18:09

I enjoyed the brisk and chilly weather too, having wrapped up to the nines, it was a strange but cool sensation having a cold bum and thighs whilst straddling James against the tree trunk.

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I was sceptical to say the least, everyone knows that guys don’t appreciate the cold, but I was prepared to give it a go – we’d come this far.

On Saturday afternoon Ash and I took a trip to our favourite park in Surrey.

The danger element made it for me – I’d definitely do this again! Having sex outside is absolutely nothing new for Stu and I, in fact I think that most of our Date Night Diaries have featured a bit of outdoor action.

Whether it’s the balcony or the bushes, we’ve done it, but oddly never in the car.

For such an adventurous couple, the realisation shocked us both so we set out for a night time drive.

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