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In addition, simply being sentenced to do time disrupts life with regard to employment, family and other outside obligations.

By the time the […]Decriminalizing Marijuana doesn't always mean it is completely legal.

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If you know someone who is incarcerated or has a family member incarcerated, ask for the name of an inmate who might like having a pen pal.

This is an excellent way to meet pen pals because they can give a personal recommendation. There are several […]Going to prison or jail while you are pregnant sometimes can't be helped, but you will need to be sure you get the proper treatment and medical care while incarcerated.

The first time I went to jail I was only 18, and I went for […]Decriminalizing Pot doesn't always mean it is completely legal. Possession Unlike several other states that chose an ounce as the cutoff for a civil penalty, Maine allows you to possess up to 2.5 ounces and still receive a civil ticket. […]If your inmate is incarcerated in a jail that offers a care package program, you can have some fun surprising your inmate from time to time with a box full of things that you've personally selected for him or her.

The Basics Inmate care packages are boxes or bags that are pre-filled with items from […]Learn About Them Through friends.

Recently he was declared terminally ill, and all you want now is to spend his last few months with him, and you're hoping he can pass surrounded by family.

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