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Many terrorist groups are impoverished and resort to drug trade, smuggling, theft, kidnapping for ransom, and other illicit activities to fund their cause.

However, this opened the door to thinking about how terrorists were using the internet, if at all.

On one hand, what better way to spread propaganda, recruit volunteers, and raise funds than via the web?

Groups identified by one government, or consortium of governments, as terroristic may consider the other side the true terrorists.

Given the confusion and complexity, this article will feature groups considered terrorist by our own and other Western governments in hope of demonstrating how such groups use the web to function. While this article will concentrate on websites, and, to a minor degree, chat rooms, bulletin boards, blogs, forums, and discussion groups, other significant internet uses also benefit terrorists.

The distancing and deceptive military term is “collateral damage.” However, the term terrorism implies the actual targeting of civilians, such as the 9/11 attack.

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