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by  |  15-Nov-2016 20:36

I paid for my subscription to Elite Singles on 8.3.16 and I still have not received any phone calls regarding my complaints and have reviewed my account that set payment on. I signed up for Elite Singles using my credit card.Once I paid 3 matches came through that were not in my income bracket or education. I also ran into the same issue others have indicated with billing.

I wasn't impressed with the site yet took them up on the free trial.

I was contacted by a member who tried to scam me for money almost immediately.

They do not reply to my email asking for the reason. Since a month ago however, nobody answered my emails. I think that there should be some legal ways to file a case because they are committed to their services based on their contracts while they get money and are not responsible any more and also they are taking advantage of emotional conditions of lonely people. The woman in Boston, who interviewed me (and took the 6000.00) talked of how easy it would be for them to match me up.

So I uploaded my photo again but it was denied again. If they give me the reasons, I can do something about it. However, I received four potential matches in a year and half. When I would try to talk to them about it - they would make up another rule about why I had to wait three more weeks for a potential match.

Our team consists of the nation's top matchmakers who are confident they can help you as well. NOT for me but for my 2 daughters in hopes of helping them find Muslim husbands. For example they were really sporty and liked sporty women which no way describes me.

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