How do scientists use carbon dating

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* This graph is called the “hockey stick graph” because the curve looks like a hockey stick laid on its side (click on footnote for graphic illustration).[92] The red part of the curve represents modern instrument-measured surface temperatures, the blue represents proxy data, the black line is a smoothed average of the proxy data, and the gray represents the margin of error with 95% confidence.[93] [94] * This graph has been the subject of disputes in scientific journals,[100] [101] congressional hearings,[102] [103] and legal proceedings including a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.[104] [105] Just Facts presently does not have the resources to conclusively assess all the competing claims on this issue, but the facts we have verified are as follows: medieval warmth, and shows the following graph of temperature changes for the Northern Hemisphere over the past 1,300 years.

This graph, which is called a spaghetti graph, is constructed with data from 12 proxy studies spliced with instrument-measured surface temperatures (the dark black line): * Click here for facts about the IPCC’s practice of splicing proxy studies with instrument-measured surface temperatures.

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The Central Intelligence Agency has concluded that Russian hacking activities during the 2016 presidential election was aimed at influencing the election in favor of then-Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Numerous intelligence agencies have found that individuals that provided Wikileaks with thousands of hacked emails, notably from the Democratic...

The result of this is that the cold air that normally hangs over the high arctic has been pushed down into the northern half of the northern...

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, along with a host of other investment partners, is starting a $1 billion investment group, called the Breakthrough Energy Ventures fund, aimed at fighting climate change through investing in the business of clean energy production. In light of the possibility that the incoming Trump administration may suppress or destroy climate research data, environmental researchers have begun to safeguard decades of accumulated digital information, to prevent the potential loss of that knowledge.

One of these was a series of buoys, each containing thermometers located ten feet above the water and at one foot below the water.

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