Ink dating analysis

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It is used for the characterization of toner materials and can give information regarding the age of xerographically produced documents.Thin Layer Chromatography is a separation technique ideally suited to the characterization of ink, carbon, typewriter ink and other materials containing colored components.This methodology is useful for the determination of line sequence and the characterization of surface features such as staple marks, creases in paper or other irregularities in the paper surface.

Therefore an out of sequence document can be shown to have been prepared at a time different from its date.

Since 2001, he has worked full time in the private sector. Aginsky has conducted seminars on ink analysis and dating in the United States, Canada, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Spain, and Australia.

When you think a document is "too good to be true", it probably is.

With advances in technology many documents which could not be analyzed just 5 years ago are possible sources of important information.

TLC is used routinely to differentiate between ink formulations and to identify the specific manufacture of an ink which appears on a questioned document.

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