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Are you a straight woman falling in love with a gay woman or lesbian?A Straight Woman Will Never Fall in Love with Another Woman Many would argue that it is highly impossible for a straight woman to fall in love with another woman.

It Can Happen and It Is Happening Many women have had experiences falling in love with men their whole lives and then suddenly find themselves attracted towards persons of the same sex.

They fall in love with men their whole lives but caught up in a situation where their feelings changed.

Who can forget pretentious women who attempt to be sophisticated by rattling off their knowledge of cuisine and restaurants, the magazines and books they've read to show how literary and sophisticated they are.

I know I shouldn't, but I can't help but rolling my eyes at some of these desperate measures as shown by photos and captions posted on Facebook. This rich and famous guy is the Godfather of your daughter. So yes, these are some examples of rather vulgar and sometimes desperate attempts to be associated with sophistication. We are looking at what makes a woman elegant AND sophisticated?

Or, you could have been in love with men your whole life and then suddenly finds yourself in love with another woman.

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