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'He made good use of the MSS accessible to him, and also gave proof of a singular acumen in the emendation of texts'. The Dutch schoolmaster Thomas Muncker, or Munckerus, who was Rector of the Schola Latina of Delft from 1667 till 1680, produced an edition with his notes in 1676.

Saxe called him 'cathedra Academica dignissimus' (Van der Aa, 12/2, 1148). He also produced a nice edition of Eutropius in 1762) (Provenance: The prize is for Engelbert Olivier, dated winter 1817, and signed by the Rector G. In the 'Algemeen Handelsblad' of we found a short notice of the appointment by His Majesty the King to the post of Burgomaster of 'Everdingen, Zijderveld en Tienhoven' of one Engelbertus Olivier Azn.

Alberti Magni Paradisus Animae, De virtutibus, lib. For Valckenaer it is clear (liquido constet), that Ammonius penetrated deep into the nature of the Greek language and the true origin of words. Vellum 21 cm (Ref: Hoffmann 193: 'Am Ende befindet sich ein bedeutender Excurs: De dialectis in Antonino Liberal.

('omnibus modis Ammonium vexavit, & tam contumeliose laceravit, ut, in Ammonio exemplum & incuriae & inscitiae ponendum esse'. XXV) Young Valckenaer announces that he is going to repair this 'gravissimam iniuriam'.

Ad veterum doctorum exemplaria emendati, & restituti. He was a nephew of Baldo) (Collation: A - O8) (Photographs on request) Book number: 120032 Euro 300,00 AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS. The latter edition shows also some small differences on the title, 'I. L' (Iuris Utriusque Licentiatus) is added to the name of Lindenbrog, and the impressum says 'in Bibliopolio Frobeniano', instead of 'ex Bibliopolio Frobeniano') (Provenance: On the front flyleaf the ownership entry of 'A. van Regteren Altena, Bergen') (Collation: *4 (minus leaf *4; leaf *2 blank); A-3Z4, A-2M4 (last leaf blank) (Photographs on request) (Heavy book, may require extra shipping costs) Book number: 130025 Euro 370,00 AMMONIUS. In the preface Valckenaer explains that Ammonius suffered grievous wrongs at the hand of French scholar/printer Henri Estienne who ignored his usefulness in the appendix of his celebrated 'Thesaurus Linguae Graecae' (1572), and who vexed and lacerated him in the preface of his 'De Atticae linguae seu dialecti idiomatis' (1573), and portrayed the ancient lexicographer as a careless ignoramus.

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