Is dooce dating cami

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It’s difficult to be told that you did it wrong for years and take a look back and feel the deep regret that if only you’d known you were doing it wrong, you could have made changes and done the work that would have fixed the wrongness.

November 17, 2016 Daily This is not nearly as political as some of you want me to be, but it’s the first time I have written anything in four months.

So when Odie sits down and says about our daughter “I’ll bet she watches 20 hours a week of television” I hear “You are a shit mother.

All you do is let our daughter watch television.” What he meant was “I am a shit father because I don’t do more fun stuff with my kid.” Or maybe he just meant she watches 20 hours a week of television. If you had asked young single me how I felt about a future husband who loved our children more than me, I probably would have bristled.

I sat down to see if my fingers could remember what to do.

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