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She’ll also be starring as Irina in the upcoming Michael Mayer adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s play “The Seagull,” and she just completed production on Paul Mc Guigan’s “Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool,” in which she plays Gloria Grahame.

When he does, he has changed into a white shirt and is carrying a large manila envelope. It will be a tour of seven cities, and it nearly didn’t happen because in 2010 he suffered from a “paresis” of his vocal chords. But when I ask him to describe himself he says: “I’m a misanthrope.” There is something in that, given what he will go on to say about his father, and Paul Mc Cartney, and Paul Simon. Take his habit of listing on his website every book he has ever read. ‘It’s not fluff.” Since Simon & Garfunkel split up in 1970, he has married twice and raised two sons, had a film career, walked across America and Europe – ”to get away from people” – and continued recording. “I never bought a computer or a cell phone.” He also does a lot of mathematics, having read it as a student at Columbia. “I’d just got married and moved to Connecticut, and there was a nearby preparatory school and so I taught math there.

He tilts back his head to study me through black-framed glasses before proffering his left hand to shake, explaining that he trapped his right one in a door. “Since I lost my voice – and I have now almost fully recovered it – the loud, high notes haven’t quite come back, so I need a mic for volume.” • Julian Lloyd Webber on why musical feuds make great entertainment When the middle range of his voice went, he was devastated. I would sing, and crap out, and my knees would buckle and I would whimper in frustration. Was I going to be some guy named Walter who doesn’t sing? Although his solo hits (Bright Eyes, I Only Have Eyes for You) were written by other people, and though Paul Simon wrote all the Simon & Garfunkel songs, he does write. It was a weird stage of my life, to leave Simon & Garfunkel at the height of our success and become a math teacher.

“Peck was a giant in our industry, and he and his family have done much to contribute to the cultural landscape of our community.” Jason Mitchell Rising Star Award The 29-year-old actor from New Orleans has steadily been building a reputation as a face to watch, thanks to small but potent roles in such films as 2012’s “Contraband” and 2013’s “Broken City,” both of which starred Mark Wahlberg. His inspired performance won him the African-American Film Critics Assn. Since then, he’s appeared in “Keanu” with Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, and indie crime thriller “Vincent N Roxxy.” Next year, he’ll be seen starring in a co-lead role in “Kong: Skull Island” for Warner Bros and Legendary opposite Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larsen.

But his promising career got turbo-charged when he was cast as iconic and trailblazing rapper Eazy-E in Universal’s acclaimed 2015 N. “I’m so excited to be receiving the award,” says Mitchell.

Simon really can play well, so he was perfect.” Helberg is best known as nerdy Howard Wolowitz in the CBS long-running hit comedy “The Big Bang Theory.” As a filmmaker, he made his feature directorial debut in 2015 with “We’ll Never Have Paris,” which premiered at the 2014 South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Tex.

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