Jap engine dating

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All Red Hunter bikes have a distinctive dark red petrol and oil tanks. Handling was improved by the addition of rear suspension and telescopic forks and it gained an alloy cylinder head from the 1950s.

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The machine also comes with an old-style V5 registration document and an RF60 logbook, the latter recording licensing from 1925 to 1929.'SP 1765' has been fitted with a replacement JAP engine dating from 1917, and was previously registered as a sidecar.

Noteworthy features include a Sturmey Archer gearbox, and a Lucas 'King of the Road' headlamp (detached).

A variety of two-stroke and four-stroke power units was specified, the lightweights all using the reliable Villiers two-stroke.

Manufacture of the Sparkbrook motorcycle ceased in 1925.

First two photos are of the JAP and third is the Ariel.

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