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"Our goal has been to capture the hero featured in Frank Frazetta's pictures.

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"You can't shoot Conan in a vérité style," says Marcus Nispel.

"You have to paint it, choose new angles, light it graphically, and then you're able to tell the story in such a way as to suspend the disbelief of an audience." That said, both Marcus Nispel and Chris August agreed that the film should feel like a lost piece of history, an epic about real people in a real ancient time.

"This is not a case of Conan doing all of the action and Tamara sitting by passively as the damsel in distress," explains Rachel Nichols.

"Tamara is smart and strong and if given the choice of fight or flight she chooses to fight.

First introduced in 1932 in a series of short stories by pulp fiction writer Robert E. "I think the appeal of Conan is that he doesn't conform to anybody," offers director Marcus Nispel. Says Danny Lerner, "We're not approaching this as a movie based on a previous incarnation of the character.

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