Jiro wang and cyndi wang dating

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“Maybe a few more of these hits will make it come back.” “Hey!

I don’t remember a damn thing.” “OMG…” Cyndi smacks his bunny head and it goes spinning.

find out what room this is and then ask the people at the front desk for info on the others.” “Wait…

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After his graduation he dedicated his life toward the entertainment business.

He was first asked to join the entertainment business because of his good looks and singing talent that he showed at a singing competition.

“We just came from Room AK28 and want to find the people who stayed with us last night.” “Do you have any identification or perhaps a key, proof that you stayed at AK28?

“Then take it off.” Jiro starts to take off his bunny feet while Cyndi continues her talk with the confused woman behind the desk. “Please help me pull it off.” “This isn’t the time for that, we need the- OMG, is that a key?

After that, the band changed the name to Dong Cheng Wei.

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