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• Shocking stories from The X-Files, The Soup, and yes – even Spy Kids 4!

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And also because Pete is sort of over the top in his conniving ways that you just have to laugh at him sometimes, that the couple is endearing in that way and I think they”ve become more so as the series has progressed.

But they were also just a more functional unit in the third season – other than the fact that he has sex with the au pair.

• Joel’s metaphorical battle with the ephemeral nature of fame!

• Joel’s literal battle with Community co-star Chevy Chase! • A detailed list of everyone Joel has professionally kissed!

When I heard we were kissing in the episode, I thought, “Well, it can”t be romantic.” And then I got the script and I said, “Oh good. It makes sense.” And when we shot the scene with the sexual chemistry and we”re trying to study, there was more of that feeling of, “Oh, this is an interesting chemistry that”s happening, that”s happening in a real way.” But it wasn”t until after seeing the fan feedback that really sort of influenced it and just made us go, “Oh, wow. And with Jeff, I think that she probably has a sort of schoolgirl crush on him and has had it the whole season, and that”s in a very realistic way – something that happens with younger girls and older guys all the time.

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