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Together with the wireline expansion and upgrades described above, AT&T's investments are projected to extend high-quality IP-based broadband services to 99 percent of all customer locations within AT&T's wireline service area.

For its part, an AT&T spokesperson tells us that "we fully intend to serve our entire customer base and we will not stop serving anyone," and that they'll "continue to evaluate methods to serve the remaining one percent of the customers as [they] see changes in technological capabilities, cost efficiencies, and the regulatory environment." It's confusing language that wouldn't necessarily put me at ease if I were living in an affected area.

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It's so ubiquitous and so reliable that the notion of eliminating it is quite literally banned by law — it's written into Section 214 of Title 47, the portion of the US Code established largely by the Communications Act of 1934: No carrier shall discontinue, reduce, or impair service to a community, or part of a community, unless and until there shall first have been obtained from the Commission a certificate that neither the present nor future public convenience and necessity will be adversely affected thereby...

And as modern technology laps POTS over and over again, those regulations increase the burden on legacy carriers like AT&T and Verizon Communications (not to be confused with its part-owned subsidiary Verizon Wireless) to maintain an ancient network whose utility decreases daily.

A Google product manager has filed a lawsuit against the company for its confidentiality policies on the grounds they violate California labor laws, according to a report from The Information.

The suit, filed today in California Superior Court in...

It’s a move that will protect critical habitats for marine life.

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