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‘Disco Fever’ was one of the hottest clubs in South Beach at the moment, the grand re-opening a memorable club going back to the 1980′s had come back on Friday and currently it was a Sunday night fast approaching the midnight hour but that was not stopping anyone in the club from having a good time. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com Heavy bass boomed through the mega speakers of the luxurious nightclub while the neon lights traveled over the dark ceiling.Tony had his younger brother Steven more or less to thank for helping maintain the business to being a multi-millionaire and now soon to be reaching his middle ages of the 50′s, the time would soon be dawning that little Junior would reach the age of 21 and undergo the mentoring that had now been passed down a generation of the family.

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Her curvy figured left the room, swinging the private door shut behind her and now it was time to climb down the stairs and head for the back exit where she could get some privacy.

Jennifer sighed to herself, it wasn’t like her to leave a party like this when she was on vacation but as long as she had known Tony over the years she experienced his better parties in private within the quiet walls of his mega yacht.

His body was still in amazing athletic shape and the man still had his life made as some kind of celebrity in the vacation paradise home.

How Tony made his money was something of a mystery.

Laughter was shared through out the room as Steven got the last word replying to his brother.

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