Libra woman dating a capricorn man

by  |  13-May-2015 00:16

Libra women are some of the most beautiful women in the world.They are strong and intelligent, but also as sweet and soft as a rose. All they need to do is flash that beautiful Libra smile that makes any mans knees weak.... Her charm will not work on her Capricorn man when he disagrees with her in any way.

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On thing you need to learn Libra is that this man will have a very deep self a lot like Scorpio where even though you get to know him for years, you may never understand or know ALL of him.

This aspect of him can either keep her always wanting more, or eventually push her away.

You will never have to walk on eggshells, or try to guess what he is thinking.

Yes he is conservative, but you will never have to worry about him embarrassing you in front of anyone or doing anything impractical. when you look at things a little differently he sounds like one hell of a guy, and he is.

Yes this Capricorn man may seem very cold at first, but get to know him and you will find that he has one hell of a sense of humor.

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