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by  |  15-Nov-2016 21:29

These people enjoy each other's company, have fun, and maintain a warm-hearted, endearing relationship to each other. The Clinton's and Kennedy's had marriages that looked mostly like the latter.Neither partner would have gotten where they were had it not been for the other.

A marriage should fill you up emotionally, allow you to have the best confidante, and should propel you into better opportunities for the support you get from each other.

Neither of these qualities is bad, but it has to be your magical combination that works best for you.

Or where you like to dance with each other and that closeness brings feelings of pleasure. I think a good marriage would be close to a true friend with benefits.

Friendship marriage is where you don't feel attracted to a person in a romantic way, but you do like the person and like to spend time with that person. Or, put it this way, how good or how long would the marriage last if either of these were missing: your spouse wasn't your good friend OR there were no benefits?

But the bottom line is: love is the way you feel about someone. Love towards food, a hobby, an object, a friend, a child, a parent, a spouse. So, I would like to know whether you got married based on being best friends/friendship/companionship or whether you were "in love". I got married to my best friend because after observing relationships in life and on tv, I decided that marriages based on friendship are peaceful and more stable and last longer. But my problem was: I did not have hobbies to speak of and the only thing in common with my spouse was talking. I am happy for him because he is a great person and deserves to be happy. I think a good marriage would be close to a true friend with benefits.

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